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    ”I had my foot again with a lot of pain. I am a player living with an injury; it is nothing new. It's something that is there. Unfortunately my day-by-day is difficult, honestly... It's difficult for me to accept the situation sometimes."

    Rafael Nadal - Tennis player

    Part II: Reactions to Injuries

    Part III: Rehabilitation of Injuries

    Part I: Occurence and Injury Prevention


    Energy takers during the game

    Writing a card

    Becoming pen pals with your injury

    If there were no obstacles...

    Speech at the end of your career

    Injury SWOT-analyses

         Part VII: Injury Related Growth

    Part V: Comeback Phase

    Goal setting

    Personal growth

    Support team

    Your own peptalk

    Werkblad controle en vermijding in kaart brengen

    Avoidance and control

    Personifying your mind

    Wheel of life

    Daily journal

    Weekly journal


    Out of your comfort zones exercises

    Part IV: When Things Get Tough

    Circle of influence

       Part VI: Quitting and Moving on 



    Big life events

    Pain reduction 




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