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‘Every setback is actually a set-up for a comeback’

Dr. Jarod Spencer

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Jenny Clifton

Going to the beach

10 minute Body Scan practise by Jenny Clifton

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Athletes, injuries & mental health

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Lindsey Meadows Softball- Shoulder injury (Part 1)

Lindsey Meadows Softball- Shoulder injury (Part 2)

Larissa Bel - The road to recovery with then surgeries

Visualisation for recovery

Breathing Exercises

3 Breathing Exercises for Athletes by Lewis Hatchett

The power of deep relaxation by Steven Mathis

45 minutes Guided Body Scan by Jerry Shi

Box Breathing Exercise by Blue Door Media

5-5-5 Breathing Exercise by Blue Door Media

Controlled Breathing Exercise by Blue Door Media

How to breathe like a pro by Ryan Pho